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When it comes to Arizona insurance, consumers need to educate themselves. If you have questions or concerns about insurance matters in AZ, the Internet has some great resources to help you. One place where you can get the 411 you need is from the Arizona Department of Insurance web site.

Arizona Insurance: How To Get Help With An Insurance Problem

Insurance companies operating in Arizona are legally bound to pay claims quickly and to treat their policyholders in a fair and reasonable manner. If you have a dispute with your insurance company and have been unable to resolve it, the Consumer Affairs Division of the Arizona Department of Insurance may be able to help you.

These are the types of issues you can get assistance with:

  • Refusal to Provide Coverage
  • Policy Cancellation
  • Delays
  • Denial of a Claim
  • Rates
  • Conduct of an Agent
  • Licensure of an Insurance Company / Agent

To register a complaint, you can contact the Department by filling in an online form, by facsimile transmission, or by regular letter mail. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Your Name and Mailing Address
  2. Your E-mail Address
  3. Name and Address of the Insured Person (if you are lodging a complaint for someone else)
  4. Name of the Insurance Company Involved
  5. Policy Number and Type of Policy
  6. Date When the Policy was Bought

You will also need to set out your complaint in the form of a Statement of Facts. This includes information about what the company or agent involved did or did not do that is the subject of your complaint and what you would like the Department of Insurance to do to remedy the situation. Be sure to attach or include any supporting documents you have to help the Department understand the situation.

Examples of supporting documents include:

  • A Copy of Your Policy
  • Letters Sent to/Received from the Insurance Company
  • Cancelled Checks Written for Premiums (be sure to copy both sides)
  • E-mail Correspondence Between You and the Agent or the Insurance Company

Arizona Insurance: Tips For Consumers

When you are shopping around for Arizona insurance coverage, it pays to do your homework before you commit to buying a policy. If you are offered a rate that is considerably lower than other ones that you have seen, it may be a sign that the offer is not a legitimate one. Other signs that you may be a potential victim of a phony insurance company are:

  • The company does not provide you with a mailing address or phone number.
  • You are pressured to make a decision right away, since the offer will expire soon or is only available for a limited time. A legitimate insurance company does not operate in this way.
  • A company approaches you to offer coverage that you have not contacted looking for a quote.
  • You have never heard of the company before. There are many companies licensed to operate in AZ, and the Department of Insurance can tell you whether the company you are considering can legally do business in the state.
  • Review any documents the company gives you to fill out in detail. Look for something that appears to be photocopied, as opposed to an original document.
  • Check out the company's web site in detail before you buy a policy and pay the premium. If the only contact information posted there is a P.O. Box Number or an e-mail address, then these may be red flags.
  • If you decide to buy insurance from a new company, don't pay your premium in cash. A better approach is to use a credit card or a check. That way, you have some recourse if the company is not a legitimate one.

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Most AZ  insurance companies are legitimate and operate in an ethical manner. When you are comparing rates for insurance coverage, don't just look at the cost of premiums. To get the best deal for you, do consider the level of coverage and the benefits you will be getting.

By comparing different insurance companies' offerings side by side, you have a much better chance of getting the right policy at a price that won't break the bank.

You can learn more about Arizona insurance by clicking on the free Arizona insurance quote tool on this page. Why don't you get started right away?

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